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Misteri Gereja Ayam di Magelang (Part 2)

Hallo everybody!!! Wow it's been a while since I don't wtite on this blog for a long time. So many things to do. Sorry sorry and sorry. And on this post, I hope I can bring back my super mood of writing. Because it was a big waste if you travel without bring any stories which you could share to all over the world. Although I could share it by talk, but it's really not enough. Okay sorry for the long intro haha. Maybe I will re-start my post with an easy story that I and my friends had this experience.

This post is relate with my old post, Misteri Gereja Ayam di Magelang. That 'church' was amazing. I though that time when I left that building I promised I will come back next time. And that time is arriving.

On September 16th 2015, me and my friends (Joan, Jinyoung, and Milo) decided to go to that Chicken Church. Before that, we have visited many temples. Yea firstly, we just want to make a Temples Trip in Yogyakarta. And we choosed a free entry temple because we were in lacked of money on that time (hahaha dfq!!). We visited Candi Sambisari, Candi Plaosan, Candi Ijo (first day) and Candi Mendut (second day). Candi is temple in Bahasa anyway. We thoght that we still have a plenty of time on second day because we didn't visit Candi Borobudur (Candi Mendut is close by Candi Borobudur). And I had an idea to visit Chicken Church!

Okay we were already done with our Temples Trip. For information, Chicken Church is a building that built on a hill in village in Magelang. It's a little bit hard to remember the way, even you already went there before. It's happend to me! I really didn't recognize the way to that building anymore! So we decided to ask many villagers to point out the way. I asked, "Exsuse me, we want to go to Gereja Ayam. Do you know where it is?" Guess what? Nobody know where Gereja Ayam/Chicken Church is. So I remembered this building's name in Javanish. I asked another villager, "Excuse me, we want to go to Banyak Angkrem. Do you know where it is?" And the villager said that, that building is located in Purworejo. A regency after Magelang. Heh? Really? On that time, I believed it and past the way, where villager showed.

This street was unknown for me. It was really long and slope upward street. And in a middle of this hill's street, suddenly soooooooo much people and many cars parked. We were confuse, especially for Jinyoung and Milo who are foreigner. Ah it was a cemetary and those people came to do Ziarah (make a devotional visit to a sacred place such us cemetary). When we past that sooo crowded street, a lot of people observed intently on us. Well we were really bashful -_-, besides Milo wore a hotpants. Pfiuh it took a time to past that crowded street.

Jinyoung said that she already gave up and we have to stop our trip that day. This street that we past was so distant and we decided to ask another villager with the same question. And aha! 'Banyak Angkrem' was already close! We just have to past one hill again to reach our destination. (Actually just me and Joan who asked the villagers, we asked by Javanish).

Yahoo! We were so excited!!! After a long bike trip and a struggle needed. We arrived on the last houses and we had to park our bike there. But on that place, there is a Pengajian (a commonly pray in Islam, usually we do with all of villagers in a mosque). And again, soooo much people observed intently on us again. We just could throw our best smile to them hihi.

We hiked that hill. But stop. It was a different start appealed on my last trip. Well maybe this spot is on the other start in a same hill. Lalalala we were so happy~. After we reached the top of the hill and guess what? There is no building!!! Waaaa where were we? I still not gave up! I saw another peak and I hiked there by myself. But finally there was nothing again.

After found nothing (L-R: Joan, Jinyoung, me, Milo)

Then we gave up and laughed of this mysterious trip hahaha. We were not lucky but at least we were lucky! We could still laugh together. Finally we went home and bring this funny mysterious trip's story LOL.

Moral of this story is always make sure! We were on a hill called 'Banyak Angkrem', which is the Javanish of Chicken Church/Gereja Ayam. It is in Purworejo and Chicken Church is in Magelang. Purworejo and Magelang is different region.

If you want to go to this Chicken Church/Gereja Ayam. Make sure to remember that this building located in Dusun Gombong, Desa Kembanglimus, Kecamatan Borobudur, Magelang.  2,5 km from Candi Borobudur.

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