Selasa, 06 Desember 2011

Trip to Boyolali

What an amazing weekend!!
Yesss this weekend is so amazing, many great experience!
Began from travel to Boyolali and have fun there with my little family from Klasse H (me,zein,frino,arkun,mirza,nina,uchie,hesti,tina,cha,and also tika as host).

Alright these are some photos when I and my friends got trip to 'milk city' Boyolali :p.

#backsound: NN - Susu Mbok Darmi~

2 December 2011

At UNY, before departure

These are called 'alay'!
Even at trafic lights we are still narcis

And this called 'supir truk yang sedang galau'

Just arrived at Tika's house
That blue jacket one is Tika

We are just arrived but already given many rambutans and warm waters

And look! In a count of few minutes, the rambutans has exhausted

Wohoooo susu mbok darmi!! :p

These are some photos when we went to around those village in sunday morning:
3 December 2011

In the morning after around the village:

Yessss so many photos and experiences, I hope next trip will gonna be more awesome Afro

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